Ask the Rabbi - 2/20/2017

I want to look forward to a better future, but all around me things seem bleak. Unemployment, divorce, terrorism…How do expect good things when so many things are distressing?

– Francis

Ask the Rabbi - 2/13/2017

I work at home and often don’t get dressed till the afternoon.  The people I do business with can’t see me over the phone or email so does it matter? ~ Casey

Ask the Rabbi - 2/6/2017

My neighbor hurts my feelings by calling my husband and me “UnChristian”.  We work very hard on our family business as we try to build it up and increase our income. She says we ought to be ‘happy with our lot’ Who’s right?  ~  Lydia

Ask the Rabbi - 1/30/2017

My teenagers got all excited about a bumper sticker on a car that read
“Question authority!” They started singing repeatedly “Nobody’s the boss
of me” Should I be proud of them? I don’t even know why it makes me a bit
worried. ~ Wendy

Ask the Rabbi - 1/16/2017

Some of my buddies are being promoted up into management while I am still an hourly worker but I like it.  I don’t really want to be responsible for other people’s work and have to boss them around. Is there anything wrong with my choice? ~  Rudy