Ask The Rabbi - 6/19/2017

I have been reading your book Buried Treasure and one of the things you said was that if either partner in marriage feels like a martyr then its very bad. Can you explain further why and what that portends? ~ Maureen

Ask The Rabbi - 6/5/2017

Should religious people be involved in politics? Isn’t it better to stay above activities that are so sordid and filled with corruption? ~ Mitch

Ask The Rabbi - 5/15/2017

I was wanting to know if there is any ancient Jewish wisdom regarding how to handle stress and anxiety in everyday life. La’Shar

Ask The Rabbi - 5/1/2017

As a recent father, it is my desire to show my child the way of the Lord. Thus, I have a question; what is the best way to teach Torah to our children (especially toddler to under 12 years of age). What is the best method/technique to convey the narrative to them while at the same time conveying the wisdom/substance (which some stories I find them may not be suitable for children. I want to learn from your perspective as rabbi and Jewish parents on how to impart your wisdom to your children.   ~ Nugroho