Ask The Rabbi - 11/13/2018

I have been reading your book Buried Treasure-Life Lessons from the Lord’s Language,  and one of the things you said was that if either partner in marriage feels like a martyr then it’s very bad.

Can you explain further why and what that portends?

∼ Maureen

Ask The Rabbi - 11/6/2018

I would like to know the ancient Jewish wisdom on lying. Although it is forbidden it seems to be condoned at times in the Bible, such as the stories of Rahab and the Jewish midwives in Egypt.

Could it be that it is permissible where it is for the greater good rather than for harming another or for one’s own selfish gain?

Thank you. ∼ Marcus W.

Ask The Rabbi - 10/30/2018

What do you, as a Bible believing rabbi say about a female rabbi and congregation in Huntsville, Alabama, allowing same sex marriage at the oldest synagogue in the State?  ∼ Sharon B.

Ask The Rabbi - 10/23/2018

Lately, almost whenever I meet salespeople and also socially, people extend their hand to shake. As a woman I do not want to shake strangers’ hands.

Recently a car salesman approached my husband and then me. I kept my hands behind my back and smiled at the salesman. He asked, “Do you not want to shake my hand?” I said I was in covenant with my husband and do not shake hands.

However, I do NOT want to hurt people’s feelings. Do you have a polite, kind way of avoiding the handshake without going into detail? I would appreciate a ‘tool’ for this new lunging intrusion.

Thank You, Catherine

Ask The Rabbi - 10/16/2018

My husband was laid off 12 months ago. He has been searching diligently as well as studying fervently in order to get a new job. He recently had an interview for a company that would be the top of the top for his field.

He did extremely well on the interview, but was told a few days later they would not continue on.  My husband is flabbergasted and devastated. He keeps running over and over the interview trying to find out what he did wrong. I told him maybe God closed the door with this company. He said God doesn’t close doors. My question is two-fold:

  1.       How long should he obsess over trying to figure out what he did wrong to not get the job – what would be the better thing for him to do in order to get the most from this?
  2.       Does God open and close doors?

I would love to know what ancient Jewish wisdom has to say on this.

Thank you, ∼ Paula