February 7, 2018

Signs of the Second Coming of Christ…

Kervin J Smith reveals supernatural insights to the return of Jesus

Plus on Sister 2 Sister… Have you every wondered if it is OK to pray for trivial things? The sisters share their thoughts…

And on Real Life Coaching,

Are some Omega 3’s better than others? Dr. Paulette Sedlak reveals what makes Ultra DHA unique…

That’s today on Real Life

Real Life Coaching with Dr. Paulette Sedlak
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Kervin J. Smith
Author - “Signs of the Second Coming of Christ”

Sister 2 Sister
Join sisters Kathy, Amy, Flo, Roxanne & Corri as they talk real life from a biblical perspective. From marriage to child-rearing– even politics — nothing is off limits to these ladies, add special guests to the mix and it’s a great combination! Who said church ladies can’t have fun?!

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