God in the Headlines - 10/19/2017

  • First time in decades, Christians to head to parliament in Syria
  • Thousands of Christians gather on streets of Kiev, Ukraine to Celebrate 500th anniversary of Reformation

God in the Headlines - 10/18/2017

  • 4 Christians imprisoned for praying over mentally ill woman in Nepal set free
  • Commuter train in Nairobi, Kenya takes passengers to church during one-hour ride

God in the Headlines - 10/17/2017

  • Florida Pastor vows to tear down a satanic symbol planned for the holidays at park
  • Archaeologists man have discovered Santa Claus’ remains at Turkey church.

God in the Headlines - 10/16/2017

  • Turkey wants to swap detained American pastor with Muslim cleric living in PA
  • Millions of Christians and Jews from around the world pray for preach over Jerusalem

God in the Headlines - 10/12/2017

  • Pope Francis plans to turn his attention to fake  news during world communications day 2018
  • Christian QB Deshaun Watson donates first paycheck to stadium  workers affected by Harvey