God in the Headlines - 5/1/2018

  • GQ Magazine Facing Backlash After Listing Bible As 21 Books You Don’t Have To Read
  • Inmates Finding God Behind Bars At San Francisco Gotera Prison in El Salvador

God in the Headlines - 4/30/2018

  • Waffle House Shooting Hero Goes To Church Hours After Tragedy
  • Performance of “For Every Mountain” At Ithaca College’s Gospel Festival Goes Viral

God in the Headlines - 4/26/2018

  • Arkansas trapped in tractor underwater says God is the reason he’s alive
  • Salvation Army opens a nonprofit supermarket in East side of Baltimore

God in the Headlines - 4/25/2018

  • Trump administration steps up efforts to help release imprisoned American pastor in Turkey
  • Texas megachurch helps pay off $10M in medical debt for families

God in the Headlines - 4/24/2018

  • Christians praying for release of American pastor accused of illegal border crossing in China
  • New museum exhibit tells story of Japan’s hidden 16th century Christians