Hard Questions - 3/23/2017

As a Christian parent, my middle-schooler was given a project to create an advertisement with the intention to “recruit” people to Buddhism. When the teacher was confronted about the real purpose for the project, he simply said it was part of the curriculum. What is the right thing to do as Christians when faced with problems like this in the public school system? Is this an attack on our rights as Christians?

Hard Questions - 3/9/2017

Dear Pastors: At one point my husband and I were going through some rough times.  As a result, I had a one night stand with a man I barely knew.  We have both moved on with our lives.  My husband does not know about it and we now have a great marriage.  Sometimes the guilt is huge. Should I tell my husband and risk ruining our marriage or keep this between me and the Lord?

Hard Questions - 3/2/2017

Giving but not seeking the blessing…

Sherrie called in: She has been giving for a year, and does not see any financial blessing.