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June 12, 2020

The Cornerstone Prayerline is open, and we want to hear from you! Whatever the problem is in your life, we want to help you through it. Our Prayer Partners are standing by, ready to stand in agreement in prayer with you. Please call us, at 1-888-665-4483.


June 11, 2020

Experiencing Freedom by Being REAL Together. Author and Speaker, Jill Savage, shares how no marriage is perfect but every marriage can get better. Learn how setting the RIGHT expectations can lead to an abundant relationship… All that and more today on...


June 10, 2020

Reaching the Amazonian Villages for Jesus. “Jungle” Jen Foster shares how God’s call to the mission field has driven her life into the heart of the Amazon rainforest and encourages every believer to Stand Out for Christ. Jen’s exciting story and a lot...


June 9, 2020

Revoke the plans of the enemy! Dr. Francis Myles is issuing divine restraining orders from the courts of heaven! Learn how to exercise the legal rights that every believer has in Heaven’s Courts!


June 8, 2020

Finding the Courage to say “God Did Not Do This To Me.” Lisa Stringer shares her journey of walking through the trials and triumphs through her husband, Doug Stringer’s battle with cancer.


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