April 9, 2018

Unbroken Faith… Diane Dokko Kim shares her encouragement for parents of special needs kids…

And on Miracles in American History… how a freak accident chanced the course of the Civil War after prayer and fasting…

In RealLife Coaching…

Living the God-Breathed Life… Bible scholar and teacher, Thom Gardner begins his Coaching session on finding God’s rest at His table…

That’s today on Real Life… 

Real Life Coaching with Thom Gardner
Joel Grantham is an author, Bible teacher, and healing evangelist.  His passion is to lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them to experience the presence and power of God in their own daily lives.  Joel travels extensively conducting miracle and healing services in the United States and internationally.
Living the God-Breathed Life DVD & Book Set with Thom Gardner

Diane Dokko Kim
Author - “Unbroken Faith” Spiritual Recovery for the Special Needs Parent

Miracles in American History

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