Ask The Rabbi - 6/4/2019

Rabbi Daniel Lapin answers viewer questions, like today’s query: “My wife and I have recently lost our baby girl at 29 weeks…can you offer guidance as we study through the book of Job and learn about restoration?”

Ask The Rabbi - 5/14/2019

Is it Biblically correct to integrate Bible teaching and creating a real estate investment business, how can I do it successfully and in a way that pleases God?

How can it be Biblically correct that students pay for learning about leadership and business from the Bible?

∼ Emmanuel N.

Ask The Rabbi - 2/26/2019

Leah writes:

While I was asleep, a friend of mine had the nerve to look at the texts on my phone. Now that friend is confronting me about some of what he read and stuff that he would not even know of had he not invaded my privacy by looking at the text messages on my phone. I am quite upset and do not feel I owe him any explanation about what is, frankly, none of his business. Please advise me on this matter.

Ask The Rabbi - 2/19/2019

I have been in business for 25 years in the Imprinted Apparel business and recently my husband lost his job. My business has supplied me for 25 years but it is a small business and now we need to generate enough income for 2.

Is there any specific advice you would give us? Thank you and God bless you today. ∼ Lauren A.