Ask The Rabbi - 3/5/2018

What do I teach my boys, age 15 and 10, about respecting their alcoholic, angry father? We divorced 2 years ago because life was so unbearable, but they still see him every other weekend.


Ask The Rabbi - 2/19/2018

I have been dating a woman for the past 3 years and we got engaged about 6 months ago. We have been having a lot of issues and arguments over time. Just when i started considering if this was a good choice, my mother started having revelations that she was not the one for me. I prayed with 2 other pastors who felt the same way. I tried to explain to my fiancée the need to pray over our plans together, but she insists her family prayed and did not have any such revelations. I will appreciate your advice.


Ask The Rabbi - 2/5/2018

The first mission or command given to mankind is be fruitful, multiply, subdue and have dominion. Can you explain this in detail? I’ve heard that the word “subdue” specifically means to take rulership over something or someone hostile.

Who or what is the word hostile referring to?


Ask The Rabbi - 1/15/2017

I have a trip planned with my siblings to travel to the areas where we grew up in hopes of reliving some wonderful memories of our childhood. Of course there will will be a mix of laughs, smiles and the inevitable sad memories (no one’s life is without this).  Is this a healthy activity, to revisit one’s past to enjoy memories and life lessons from the past in order to reinforce who you are today? I have been told this is a waste of time and I should only look to the future. Thank you for your insight.  – Breljana

Ask The Rabbi - 12/11/2017

How do you feel about home schooling? My wife and I are thinking of doing this to finish educating our two daughters who are now in 4th and 6th grades.

– Heath