Ask The Rabbi - 9/11/2018

Should religious people be involved in politics? Isn’t it better to stay above activities that are so sordid and filled with corruption? ∼ Mitch R.

Ask The Rabbi - 6/26/2018

What does the Bible say about group prayer? Is it more powerful than individual prayer?

– Kenda

Ask The Rabbi - 6/12/2018

While I was asleep, a friend of mine had the nerve to look at all the texts on my phone. Now, that friend is confronting me about some of what he read, stuff that he would not even know if he had not invaded my privacy by looking at the text messages. I am quite upset and don’t feel I owe him any explanation about what is, frankly, none of his business. ~ Lee

Ask The Rabbi - 5/28/2018

I have been reading your book Buried Treasure and one of the things you said was that if either partner in marriage feels like a martyr then its very bad. Can you explain further why and what that portends? ~ Maureen

Ask The Rabbi - 5/21/2018

The Ten Commandments teach us that everyone has a right to exist because they were created by God. But what about the people in ISIS? Do people have a right to exist when their only purpose is to make sure we cannot exist? Pamela