Ask The Rabbi - 2/12/2019

I have two sisters who are causing big dilemmas in raising our 2-1/2 year old daughter… My husband and I are committed Christians and both volunteer in our church regularly. I don’t want to be ungracious and judgmental, but now I fear I’ve swung too far the other way and important boundaries are being crossed. I feel like I’m making huge efforts to be respectful and loving of my sisters while they are disrespectful of me and my family. What would you advise?  Thank you so much for your wisdom! ∼ Emily

Ask The Rabbi - 2/5/2019

Christopher asks:

In the Bible, genealogies are stated mostly in terms of fathers and sons, yet in speaking to contemporary Jews I am told that the determination of whether one is a Jew or not depends upon the mother’s lineage and faith. Is that the Biblical standard or was that changed over time?

Ask The Rabbi - 1/29/2019

I am an event and fine art photographer. My business is taking pictures and capturing beauty. Please help me define what a photographer really does by taking images. I know there is a sentence that really gets to the heart of the matter, but just cannot seem to just hit the nail on the head. I would love to hear from you. ∼ Mark L.L.

Ask The Rabbi - 1/22/2019

My question is short and basic. What does the bible teach about punishment for children? My wife and I are expecting our first child. We are not in agreement with the idea of physical punishment. We need guidance to what scriptures says about spanking your children. Please help! ∼ Colter D.

Ask The Rabbi - 1/8/2019

I am in my 60’s. I live in a cul-de-sac. There are families with children. The children yell and scream, run through other people’s yards and ride bikes through other people’ s yards and grass. This really upsets me and disturbs my peace.

I feel like the only way to get peace is to move. I would love to have a peaceful dwelling place, an undisturbed place of rest. Should I make plans to move, or should I try to accept the situation and put up with it? ∼ Diane