God in the Headlines - 3/20/2018

  • Snoop Dogg Takes Everyone To Church With New Gospel Album
  • 98-Year-Old Nun Prays For Loyola-Chicago’s Basketball Team During March Madness

God in the Headlines - 3/19/2018

  • IUP Expected To Make Decision Today On Student Banned From Christianity Class
  • 100,000 People Sign Online Petition To Make National Holiday for Billy Graha

God in the Headlines - 3/15/2018

  • Christian Children’s TV Station in Middle East Marks 10-Year Anniversary
  • Ethiopian Priest Climbs 820ft Cliff Every Day to Go to Church

God in the Headlines - 3/14/2018

  • EPA’s Scott Pruitt Says Harvesting Natural Resources Is In Bible
  • 2,700 Year Old Clay Seal May Include Prophet Isaiah’s Signature

God in the Headlines - 3/13/2018

  • Churches Calling For An End To Democratic Republic of Congo’s Corruption
  • Vatican, Versace & Vogue Team Up To Show Off Catholic Influences in Fashion