God in the Headlines - 9/20/2018

  • Texas Supreme Court Says Cheerleaders Have Right to Post Bible Verses on Banners during Football Games
  • New Jersey Church Encouraging Members to Bring Their Tractors to Worship Service

God in the Headlines - 9/19/2018

  • Christians Hit The Streets In Ecuador to March for Life & Family
  • For First Time in Egypt, Coptic Christian Woman Becomes Governor of a Province

God in the Headlines - 9/18/2018

  • New Study Finds The World’s Most Committed Christians Live in Africa & Latin America
  • Archaeologists Discover Ancient Church Beneath Lake Iznik In Turkey

God in the Headlines - 9/17/2018

  • Tony Dungy Says God Gave Him Sports Analyst Job So Christian Athletes Could Have A Voice
  • Anonymous Writer Asks For Forgiveness 40 Years Later After Stealing Pens, Office Supplies

God in the Headlines - 9/13/2018

  • High School Volleyball Team Doesn’t Play Until They Pray for Teammate Who Suffered Stroke
  • Houston Texan Star JJ Watt Sets Record for Most Money Ever Raised through Crowdsurfing Campaign