September 11, 2018

How to rise and defend our Judeo-Christian values

Terror Expert, Brigette Gabriel calls for us to stand against threats to our freedoms

Plus On Ask the Rabbi…Should religious people be involved in politics?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin responds to a viewer question with ancient Hebrew wisdom

And on Real Life Coaching…Unshaken

Jeanne Nigro takes a look at what issues block us from intimacy with God

That’s today on Real Life…

Real Life Coaching with Jeanne Nigro
Jeanne Nigro is a frequent speaker at conferences, churches, and retreats. Her teachings are relevant, practical and life-transforming whether she is bringing Old Testament truths to life, healing strongholds of the heart, or preparing believers for the end times.
Unshaken Book DVD & Book Set with Jeanne Nigro

Brigette Gabriel
Author - “Rise”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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