September 12, 2018

Autumn Miles reveals how a Touch from God can fully restore a life…

She shares her story from new book “I Am Rahab”

On Sister 2 Sister… Is it OK to be angry with God?

The sisters express their view…

And on RealLife Coaching… God’s “Strategic Plan” for the future….

Jeanne Nigro prepares us for the end times so we can be “Unshaken”

That’s today on Real Life…

Real Life Coaching with Jeanne Nigro
Jeanne Nigro is a frequent speaker at conferences, churches, and retreats. Her teachings are relevant, practical and life-transforming whether she is bringing Old Testament truths to life, healing strongholds of the heart, or preparing believers for the end times.
Unshaken Book DVD & Book Set with Jeanne Nigro

Autumn Miles
Author - “I Am Rahab”

Sister 2 Sister
Join sisters Kathy, Amy, Flo, Roxanne & Corri as they talk real life from a biblical perspective. From marriage to child-rearing– even politics — nothing is off limits to these ladies, add special guests to the mix and it’s a great combination! Who said church ladies can’t have fun?!

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